I’ve been writing this blog for a long time. Since 2003. It’s just a random little collection of thoughts, and has evolved over the years. College life, job stuff, business school, dating crap. I’m pretty sure no one really reads this except for a few friends, co-workers, and my dad.

Boom! Guess what guys– not true! I’m a celebrity!!!

I was at BU the other day to speak on a career panel about my job and career path since graduating, and afterwards there was a mingling session in the atrium. I was chatting with some fresh new bschool students and this guy came up to me. Here’s a rough approximation of our conversation:

Him: ‘Hey, so I was at the first career panel that you spoke at, and I wanted to ask you a question but didn’t want to ask in front of everyone else.’
Me: ‘Sure, what is it?’
Him: ‘So, do you write a blog?’
Me: ‘…Uh, yes…?’
Him: ‘Is it called ‘Felishdadish’?’
Me: *Dying*
Him: ‘Yeah so I read some of your posts about starting business school… and then I read the whole thing.’
Me: *Dying*

That’s right, I was recognized! I feel so famous! This is a first for me. Simultaneously one of the most hilarious yet embarrassing moments ever. I can’t believe that not only did someone totally random stumble across my blog, but then actually recognized me in public. What a small world!

According to my celebrity stalker (Hi Nate!), he found it ‘incredibly refreshing to find an actual real human’s opinion on the MBA experience rather than the typical bullet points that make up the rest of the internet.  It definitely helped me relax about any one of the nightmare scenarios I was thinking up at the time (“..armies of investment bankers, RUN!”)’.

Embarrassment aside, how awesome to know that my random ramblings were helpful to someone. That’s so cool. As proof that he’d read my blog, Nate sent me this screenshot of his phone:


Excuse me everyone, I’m going to go and try not to let all this new found fame get to my head. :-D


Hard-Won Lessons

This is a really lovely Modern Love column that came out last week:

Being a single person searching for love teaches you that not everything is under your control. You can’t control whether the person you’ve fallen for will call. You can’t force yourself to have feelings for the nice guy your best friend fixed you up with. You have no way to know whether attending this or that event — a co-worker’s art opening, a neighbor’s housewarming — will lead to the chance encounter that will forever alter your life. You simply learn to do your best, and leave it at that. Relationships are work, but so is being single.

Dating Files #11

True story. This email is completely unedited. From “twofriends4fun”. At least they were polite…?

“Hi there…so this is totally out of the blue and I really hope I don’t offend you…we are two friends …one is 29 named A and other 34 of whom you see the pix named J…AJ recently single..he is mixed but tall dark handsome and a very good lover haha…J is a hottie as you can see…those may or nay not be our regular names haha but I hope you understand we wanna be discreet…we came to the realization that we are two sexual people and wanted to share some experiences…we’ve wanted to do a threesome with a woman for a while and are finally putting it out there..you are so pretty so I couldnt resist…we are just a normal fun couple of guys looking for a friend and maybe some good times together

I hope I didn’t offend you…last thing we want is to make online dating an awful experience for you so my apologies….you are too cute so we couldnt resist

Thanks for your time and we would love to talk but if not sorry again and best of luck :)

A and J”


So, I need to take a poll. Let me set up the context first.

This dude emailed me on my dating site, and although I wasn’t super into him I replied (I am trying to be open to the universe in a positive, non-bitter way). So I wrote back and we started chatting. During the course of our conversation, he wrote this to me (edited):

“My friend made us each come up with two silly ideas and pledge to do them. My first idea is hit someone with pies and/or get hit. Second idea is read my poetry nude.”

Next thing I know, this guy wants to meet up with me before July 10 (there’s a deadline involved here) and stand naked, reciting his poems, while I throw a pie at him.

Preferably somewhere he won’t get arrested for doing this.

Now it’s poll time. What’s your vote?
A: Go for it, it’ll be a hilarious story to tell!
B: Um no, run far far away

Discount Signage

I came across these two signs at TJ Maxx today and although I’m sure they were mass produced in a factory somewhere, I actually really feel like both signs exemplify how I try to live my life. So of course I took a shady picture (super bad quality unfortunately) and am rewriting here. I don’t know the origins of the lines for credit purposes. But they really spoke to me. (Not literally. That would be crazy).

Sign #1
Be humble
Call an old friend
Sing loudly
Give hugs
Stay curious
Take big chances
Hold hands
Make a new friend
Smile at a stranger
Live for today
Choose happiness
Push fear aside
Take pictures

Sign #2
Never look back unless you are planning to go that way