Vanessa is upset because my postings (all of them– ALL of them) are dry. Muchas apologies my fluffy friend!

I am so excited I have French updates!!! Thanks Katie… apparently Beckers and Gilet are not speaking anymore. This is the butt shaking sex prof and the woman who was about to have a nervous breakdown. How many coffees did she drink a day? Also Trompette is out with a mysterious illness! I hope he’s ok since he gave me a 19 for my grade. That’s pretty damn impressive, if I do say so myself.

OOh the soap opera of Nancy….. sometimes I am so happy I am no longer there, but other times I wish I was far far away from Haverford and all the issues here. How nice would it be to trek up to Jeremy’s house for a Belle et la Bete night right now? Pretty damn sweet. (Yes even up that mountain). It was a lot easier to only be worried about certain things (like CREDITS and icky PORTUGUESE boys), not like here where there is so much to deal with.

But watch out this summer because the Philly girls are gonna be in the house! (Unfortunately there won’t be any Stan or Ted around– if you get the reference, you get 10 points!)

Also apparently I found out today my cutie puppy Rocky is the survivor of a blacklisted breeder from Brooklyn… poor thing but careful now, he’s a terror. I can’t wait to see him again he’s so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!


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