So met with the Customs group yesterday… I think it’s gonna be FUN! We have Lee H., Ben R., Emily H., JeAnne R., Caryn D., and Sara A. (and Camille of course!) Looking forward to that. Oh and so the question was asked at some point who there was 21– guess who the only one was. I feel so OLD!!!

Then after I got back, I ended up talking with Christina for hours. I think we covered every possible topic out there. It was really cool talking with her because not only are we tourguide buddies, but she knows so much about how I feel because she has had such amazingly similar experiences to me as a multicultural/biracial/what-have-you etc. person. I wish there was a forum on campus for the kind of stuff we talked about yesterday. I don’t feel very comfortable all the time with the “minority” group on campus, and they can also be exclusive. Too bad I’m so busy… So that lasted until 2:30. It was a lot of fun this morning, lemme tell ya!


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