So Happy Easter everyone!!!!

I went home and did that thang for a while, it was fun to do nothing and wrestle with the Rocker for a little bit. Very chill day, we hung out by the pond checking out the fish in the gorgeous sun, and then we had a– what do you call it?– linner? dunch? haha whatever it was it was yummy, nice break from dc food. It’s crazy how much Rocky has grown since I even saw him last over Spring Break– he put on 20 pounds in four weeks!!! My goodness. He’s a real bruiser.

So I finally took home my sweaters. I’m nervous though, what if it gets cold again??? Eek. I absolutely scoured the house for summer stuff. It made me remember all the fun times we had last year. It’ll be even better this summer, right? Me and K, Apt. 31 oh yah.


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