I was up til 5 last night. This morning. Wow.

Went to Subway for dinner, then I watched Bowling for Columbine (which by the way is an excellent movie! I highly reccommend it to y’all) for the second time… Then the madness began. Got back to my room to find urgent im’s from Lili, but told her I couldn’t go out w/them cause I wasn’t ready. So then, taking my own sweet time, I got showered, etc. Come back to the room, there are a million ims telling me I’m coming with them and then the phone rings and I’ve got 15 minutes to get ready!!! Did I do it? Yeah. It was insane. I’ve never gotten ready so quickly before. Then Lili shows up, drags me out, and away we go!

Stopped at some random bar, waited for Scott to show, then headed back to HC. Sadly there didn’t seem to be any Bhangra party in Barclay, so we went and made an appearance at Sundance. It was pretty nice, we got a keychain picture, sang karaoke, and danced. Supposedly I blew the one opportunity I had bc I didn’t realize the dude was there. Ah well. Then limped off to Gumm to watch The Ring which was preeety scarry. It wasn’t the coolest thing heading back to the North Dorms at 4:30 in the morning alone in the dark, and I kinda wished I’d called for Security, but I made it, and collapsed. Not a bad night.


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