So tired. In a good way. Classes finally ended, and I actually accomplished a couple things yesterday and today. (I know you’re asking what?? How is that possible?? Do you not believe in Haverfest?!) Well here’s what I did:

1. Friday last class as a junior (tear)

2. Walked to Acme, bought juice for drinks.

3. Opened an account at Commerce Bank

4. Almost won Trivial Pursuit with my buddy Christine

5. Saturday saw my mommy! yay she brought me a care package and my class ring, plus some documents I had to sign for FA. Sent stuff home with her.

6. Dragged everyone out to the DC and met with Bruce Levine re Party, I think he will help us make an awesome event.

7. Decided what we’re doing for Crit’s 21st birthday!

8. Lazed all day in the sun at Haverfest and on the whole had myself a grand ole time.

Not bad, eh?


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