Hi. I’m tired. These past couple days have been really rough on me. But I’M FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God I don’t think I could have handled working all night tonite. I worked on my paper all this morning, handed it in, handed in my Novel exam, and then helped Vanessa and Lili move all their stuff (with breaks for the beautiful people collage and dinner!) Then it was juggling lessons from Crit and more moving, a tearful goodbye to my mamisuqis and back to the room (I haven’t been home all day long). The birdies are mad at me because I need to feed them. I’m just so incredibly relieved this semester is over. It’s been a real hard year. I always thought this year would be one of the easiest ones, definitely not. Boy was I wrong!!! Have definitely learned a lot, but I could have done without a lot of the lessons. And it’s scary to think that soon the real world will try to grab me away from this utopia thing I’ve got going on here. I don’t want to grow up! So now I’m gonna focus on the next couple days: ushering, hosting, moving out/into HCA (who else is staying over the summer?) and then a few hours at home and then road trip to MV! Craziness…


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