Yesterday at 12:30 Cristina and Kei get back from tunneling. We’re all in the hallway listening to them, and all of a sudden I realize that there’s a choice involved: if I go, then all the other kids (Alex, Vicki, Melissa, C. & K. ) will go too. So what could I do?

I change out of my pj’s, and we reconvene in the hallway. Alex is all decked out in “Urban Hunter” gear. We started off for Marshall (to find other tunnels). No tunnels, crocodile pits, or hidden slaves there.

Somewhere along the way the Urban Hunter has also become a Starship captain, entering logs into his…. log… ger. Ex.: “Log. 2003. We failed to find crocodiles. Now continuing in our tradition of failure…” We head for Founders.

At Founders we are directed to the steamhouse. We head there. No one knows where they are going so I take the lead. At the steamhouse we nearly lose Cristina to some muddy quicksand. No luck so we go to Gummere.

In Gummere we go to the basement, and that’s a tiny hole yah. (Meantime Vicki has been snapping away). We all crawl in, each getting a mug shot half way through the hole. I take over the camera duties.

It’s not that long, but pretty cool. We end up in Leeds basement, then head back over to Gummere to put the grate back on. Michelle lets us in and is very confused. We end up not putting the grate back on because other expeditions are going to tunnel. Back to Comfort.

We exchange Im names and somehow this morphs into an hour long discussion in the hall, in which Alex becomes Darth Vader and Vicki is his protege, and I’m the security guard going to kick him out on Sunday… So yeah I didn’t get enough sleep and now I get to go to the usher meeting. Brilliant!


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