What a crazy day at work. What am I saying, every day is crazy, especially since everyone there is certifiable!

Quotes of the day:

“Mommy, why are you and Daddy fighting?” -Dave “Because of you, you little brat!” -Michelle

“That guy is hunormous!” -Keith

“You’ll see Keith out on the street selling books on the Homeboy Shopping Network” -Ed

“Jesus Christ he wants 500 books by tomorrow?!” -Mark (as his blood pressure shoots thru the roof)

“Gabe, there’s no clause in your contract for if you blow yourself up.” -Ed

“You guys would make a cute couple. She’s dark, lovely, and stacked, and you’re tall, dark and handsome.” -Jake (referring to Ed and me.)

“I’m gonna give you a break.” -Keith. “Thanks man.” -Ed. “Naw not you, her!” -Keith

“I think Ed likes you. You should smack him. I’ll do it for ya.” -Keith. Thanks, sweetie

Ok help. I need a boyfriend! jajajajaja


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