Quotes of the Day:


“Big boom!” -Keith.

“Is that a real tree?” “No, it’s a cosmonaut.” -Gabe and random firecracker dude.

“Kill, Edward, kill!” -Michelle.

(This is what I learn at work — What does it take to kill one fly? Three grown men, two books, one newspaper, and one can of air freshener. Or, one woman and a novel. I’m not joking, the entire business stops dead for one little fly!)


“I’m going to have an end of the summer party at my house. There’s going to be free drugs and food. . . I mean, free drinks and food!” -Michelle. “I wouldn’t have minded the free drugs!” -Keith.

“We can set off firecrackers at your party.” -Keith. “I don’t wanna know about it!” -Michelle. “Oh, you’ll know about it!” -Keith.


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