Quotes of the Day: (Thursday):

“Gabe is a strange, strange man. At night we lock him in a cage.” -Keith.

“People let themselves go after marriage. Look at Keith, he’s letting his nipple rings rust!” -Gabe.


“Ediot!” -Keith

“Don’t corrupt her, Ed! Oh wait, I forgot you’re an innocent virgin.” -Keith.

“Why would Gabe wanna put his camera down his pants? It must be a guy thing.” -Me. “Oh no, I wouldn’t put a camera down my pants!” -Keith. “I don’t think a camera would fit in my pants!” -Ed.

“She likes it when I bother her!” -Keith. “No, I like Keith. I don’t like it when he bothers me!” -Me. “Ooohhhh, she likes me!” -Keith.

“We are not going to look at the half-naked women!” -Me.

“You and me, Ed, and she can be part of it too, we’ll go around all day eating Skittles. . . Ohhh, I can’t wait til Monday! I thought I would never say that!” -Keith.

A whole day spent with my boys, Ed and Keith, learning the fine art of combining work and play! Who else would take instructing me about the finer arts of the Beastie Boys as seriously as showing me how to format a document? And who else would mix Brass Monkey, Girls Girls Girls, and the Smurf remix? I think I’m not going to be able to ever work in a normal working environment again….

Home with the little sis and the hunormous fatso puppy for the weekend.


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