What a yucky day.

Quotes of the Day:

“Keith, help me!” -Me. “What would you do in this situation?” -Keith. “Ask you!” -Me. “Make an executive decision!” -Keith. “That’s what I’m doing!” -Me.

“I don’t eat my crusts because of empty calories.” -Dave. “I don’t eat mine because there’s not enough calories.” -Chris.

“Hey Felicia, I don’t mean to be crude, but has Ed asked you out yet?” -Gabe. “Um . . . no.” -Me. “If he does, just say no! Do drugs before you do that!” -Michelle. “Just remember: (sings the Smurf theme song).” -Keith.

“How come you’re not working with Ed anymore?” -Keith. “Hey, I served my time with him!” -Me.

“It’s always, ‘Keith, get this for me. . . Keith, I can’t reach!'” -Keith imitating me helping him. Damn straight!

“I stopped helping Keith because I couldn’t find any more books and he wasn’t there.” -Me. “I’ve turned into Ed!” -Keith. “Except taller and with hair!” -Michelle.

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday. 16! Man I’m getting old. It was raining all day today and I’m tired and blah-y. Meh. I had to run an obstacle course to work and back, car drivers are so inconsiderate of people who walk in the rain. Just because they don’t have to worry about getting splashed by tidal waves of puddlewater doesn’t mean they should ignore those of us who do.


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