So today I was stamping royalty envelopes forever, and the meter machine ran out of money. So I went to find Keith to help me get more money, because he is the god of everything mail related. Except that when I asked him to help me, he wouldn’t do it unless I begged him! Not asked, begged. It was so bizarre; I’ve never been in such a weird position before. And he was serious too, which was what made it weird. Finally I just ended up being super whiney with my good old fall-back, “come on, you’re so mean to me!” and he came and helped me out.

Then I’m in the back helping Gabe (or rather, hanging out watching Gabe click a lot) and Keith comes back and says, “You should have seen her, man, she was begging… it was beautiful.” But he doesn’t tell Gabe what I was ‘begging’ for! On purpose! (as in, “Let him wonder…”) It was kinda weird…

I learn more about guys the more I spend time in the back room. . . it’s very interesting the way the physical building is divided. The front area is most definitely girl-dominated, but the back is guy HQ. Sometimes there’s a feeling that as a girl I’m intruding back there. Like it’s a boys only club, no girls allowed. But occasionally they allow visitors!

And the Ed thing is weird too. I have to constantly think about what I say or do, so as not to give the wrong impression. And he really can get quite annoying! This week I’m working with Gabey, so I was sitting in the back with him waiting for him to clean out some old files so he could set me up with Ingram. Ed comes on by and starts showing me what he’s doing on his computer, basically cutting and pasting pix or something. Him: “It’s really easy stuff.” Me: “That’s good then, you have an easy job.” Him: “I think you misunderstood..” Of course I did! On purpose, dummy! And he gets all mock-huffy bc I flat out say I’m not going to do his little job for him, cause I’m working with Gabe. It’s weird bc he tries to be cutesy, but the pouty lip fails miserably when teamed up with his bald head. Jaja. So I tell Ed, “I served my time with you.” “Like a prison?” Yep.

Man oh man, at least it’s interesting. :-/


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