Quotes of the Day:

“Shouldn’t you split it (the calzone) and offer the other person a piece? That’s what we used to do in the old days with drugs. That’s what we did for fun: Hey, I heard Suzie’s got some good angel dust, let’s go play at her house.” -Dave.

“Keith, can you cut some more labels for me please?” -Me (in my cutest tone of voice). “Are you begging me?” -Keith. . . “If you don’t cut the labels Mark will get mad!” -Me. “Oooh, you gonna tell on me?!” -Keith.

“Hey Felicia, who let you back here?” -Ed. “I let myself back here!” -Me. “Who lost the intern?” -Gabe.

“I’m gonna build a swimming pool.” -Gabe. “Oh, you’re gonna take apart bathtubs and line it with the pieces?” -Dave. “No.” -Gabe. “Think hole in the ground.” hahaha.

“What dja do that for!” -Keith in response to my yawn. “You’re not allowed to be tired!”


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