It’s been a rough week…. can’t wait for tomorrow.

At Work:
Gabey is the best!

Him: “Can we keep her (me)?”
Michelle: “She’s not a puppy.”
Him:”I’ll feed her…”

Gabe: So my neighbors named their kid ‘Lake.’
Michelle: What’s the next one gonna be, ‘Cottage?’

Keith: You’re fired! (To me).
Michelle: You can’t fire her, she doesn’t work for us!

Michelle: We should really fix Gabe and Ed up with someone nice.
Keith: What about her? (Me).
Michelle: What if she has a boyfriend?!
Keith: Who cares? It’s only a problem if there’s a husband or wife…
Me: Well, I AM secretly married…

Gabe: I should start a religion. I’m gonna have a pyrotechnic church.

Michelle: So do you think you’re interested in the publishing business?
Me: Yeah, I think I am.
Michelle: So you could see yourself working for a publishing company down the line somewhere…
Gabe: Only if we’re working there too!

Keith: Don’t process the book orders.
Louisa: Why not?
Me: Cause then he’ll have to put them together!

Keith: I’m helping the young ladies here.
Michelle: Ooh, he called us young!

How NOT to discreetly enquire about the status of someone’s health: (Courtesy Gabe): “So, I’m married, how about you?

From yesterday:

Ed: You have Smurf envy.

Mark: Let’s get it ON!


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