My last Friday with Keith! It was so sad…… I can’t believe I only have one more week left at work. I love it there so much, I’m gonna haveta figure out a way to go back once this internship is over. (Not like they wouldn’t welcome me back– today Gabe nearly cried when he realized I only had a week left. Awww.)

It was really slow today, though. Keith brought his daughter into work, she’s so cute! We played Old Maid and I promised not to tell her dad about her ‘secret’ diary.

I think the best moment was when I was on the phone trying to work out a conversation with a telephone operator mediating for a deaf woman from Hawaii, trying to explain to her that no one was going to go into work on Saturday to ship her books, when Michelle opened a bottle of water and it exploded over her shirt, soaking the entire front. (Did I mention it was a white shirt?) So I am vainly trying not to laugh while I’m giving the woman our fax number, but I don’t know how well I succeeded in suppressing my giggles, especially when Michelle started cracking up hysterically in the background. That’s work for ya. A barrel of laughs.

Oh did I mention that after nearly 2+ months of working there, the boys finally figured out how to say my name correctly? It was a revelation.

And thanks to Gabey, I have a new career direction. My new major is no longer computer literature, but is now: TRASH. My thesis will be on the philosophical ramifications of the vaccuum cleaner……..


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