First week down…. phew! It’s not gonna be easy. But I’ll make it. Yesterday was my first day of working after three weeks for Infinity. I am now a real employee there, so that was a little weird having to punch in and out. But it was fun going back; they were all really excited to see me. Jake started dancing and Caryn yelled, making Ed all flustered.

Yesterday was also JeAnne’s 21st b-day, so after the orch. party Camille and I went down to the apts. to take her cake and shirts. (Bill gave me the shirts for everyone, it was really sweet of him). Good times, good food, good conversation. I like my frosh!!!

Then the Around the World was canceled so I studied. God I am boring. Now I am sad because I don’t have a buddy, and we are missing people from the suite! But Lili and I did make progress in the beautification of our suite (ie. girlification– but it’s ok cause we’re girls ). I broke a long-standing rule today and took food from strangers. Bad me.


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