Isabel est arrivee!

Long day at Infinity today. Of course Keith had to make fun of me for burning the napkin. It wasn’t so bad though, thankfully.

Quotes of the Day:

“You lied to me!!!! You cooked your napkin!!!!” -Keith

“I can’t decide what’s worse: the fact that you lied to me, or the fact that your friends ratted you out!” -Keith.

“That’s a beautiful shirt.” -Dave. “Thank you.” -Me. “Yeah, it is very pretty… except that you’re a LIAR!!” -Keith.

“Do you have the camera?” -Gabe. “I’m gonna take a picture of Felicia.” -Dave. “What kind of pictures?” -Gabe. Dirty minds!

“….Look at the way she’s eating that strawberry……”-Keith. Dirty dirty minds!!

“Ed, you shouldn’t try to talk with your mouth full. That’s so unclassy. Would you ever go out with someone who talked with food in their mouth?” -Keith. “Never.”-Me.

“Maybe you should go out with Ed. He’s your height. Then again, everyone’s tall for you!” -Keith.

“Are you going to bring hummus?” -Mark.

Next week I have to go out to the bars with the orch. people. Repeat to self: do not be a fuddy duddy. Haha. Fuddy duddy.


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