Didn’t feel too good this morning. Actually, I felt like crap. Went to work, lunch, and then came home and watched The Royal Tenenbaums and multiple episodes of Sex In The City while reading hw. Decided not to go out to the Philly bars with that whole crew, so ended up going to Beijing Inn with Humer, Lili, Michelle, Camille, Ali, and Seth. It was so freakin crowded. I really don’t like little kids around when I eat. There was this incredible rude bitch of a woman there, I couldn’t believe how insensitive and rude she was to everyone. Some people just have no concept of politeness or even common courtesy. Dessert (not ‘desert’ haha) at Hopes, then we made a spur of the moment decision to go to KoP and watch a movie. Saw Once Upon A Time In Mexico. Not quite what I expected, but not bad. Very violent. Johnny Depp– ahh…. even w/out eyes c’est pas un homme moche! Then back to the Ford through power-less areas, little weird to see all the areas of darkness and to realize just how developed so much of this area really is. There was a random party in front of our entrance, saw one of the froshies there who was upset that there was nothing going on. It’s a Friday night at Haverford— what was he expecting??? Uh- yeah.


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