I love movies. Maybe I love them too much.

Anyway, today I felt all professional cause I had to dress up to meet writers and authors from the conference. It was a little disappointing to realize how normal they all were. I will say it was fun to see all the guys dressed up though. They clean up nice! Especially the punks. Apparently I must now tell secrets to my friends so they can run to ACME and tell Keith. OK, will do.

Orchestra tonight, got switched which was good cause I am now in the right place. I really didn’t belong in the other section before. I guess if I was only taking three classes and taking lessons I could have stayed, but I don’t have enough time or effort to put into it this semester. I will say that the music is soo awesome!!! I mean, when I am totally overcome in the middle of playing a section by the beauty of the harmony, how can that not bode well for the concert(s)? It’s moments like those that remind me why I still have my old clunker of a violin around.


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