Yesterday was sooo crazy, it was Caryn’s b-day so we all had mimosas and long island iced teas at 9 am. I don’t think I’ve ever drank that early before!

“You’re 20…21, right?”-Gabe

“I have to go to the doctor’s cause I got woodstain in my eye.” -Dave.
“You’ll walk in here and go, ‘Hey, when did you guys get all the wood paneling?'” -Mark

“Gabe’s gonna help my daughter build a house.”-Keith
“Gabe destroys things, not build them!”-Michelle

“Is this your id card? Maybe I’ll go to Haverford…. and pretend to be you….” -Gabe.

“What? You need me to get you books again, don’t you?”-Keith.
“Yes, please!” -Me.
“Let’s see how high you can reach– oh man, you can’t even reach the top shelf!” -Keith.

“Are you guys passing notes?” -Gabe
“Yeah, it says ‘1291-x’.” -Me.
“That means he likes you.” -Ed

“Wow, we’ve got everybody in here. We have too many employees!” -Mark.

“The person on the phone’s gonna think we’re all crazy.” -Michelle.
“That’s right, ‘Penis!'” -Caryn.

“It’s hummus cake!” -Mark

“Kiss my finger!” -Keith. “Do you think I’m weird?” Well…

“I have to go to orchestra.” -Me.
“That’s right, you play the violin. Don’t you fool around on the piano too?”-Ed.
“Oh-ho-ho!” -Keith.
“Let’s not go there!” -Me.

Question of the day: “Why don’t you quit your other job and work here more? Isn’t it more fun here?” If only it were that simple…

And from last night: let’s never let Lili smoke up, shall we? jajajajjaaja


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