OK I’m gonna copy Michelle and be a list-er tonight.

1. Fall break was awesome. Highlights include Huma’s man-hunting (Lili: “So can we get the owners name–for the camera?”), our innate ability to reach any mall in any city, the little asian man who so helpfully reenacted the path to Ted Williams, Michelle exploding the toilet, Huma’s Mexican alter ego, the Italian dinner, and the open window/sewage splashing drive back home.

2. Sat I went to Columbia/NY to visit John for homecoming… it was so fun. Made it in time for the Wyclef Jean concert on their equivalent of Founders Green in the middle of campus– all free! He was great, esp. since he actually came into the crowd so even tho I was far back I got to be thisclose to him!!! Some highlights: “I came right from the hospital and the IV to be here, I am pumped full of drugs but wtf I’m gonna have some hypnotic!”, “Who here is gonna buy the bootleg copy of my cd? That’s ok, just get it out there!”, the little cute 8 year old blonde girl who knew all the words to his new cd already, the freaking contest, and his tarzan imitation up the side of the stage.

3. I learned I don’t like Ethiopian food that much. The napkin bread can be rolled into a ball and bounced.

4. I hate school. It’s only Monday and I have already fucked up majorly in the past 24 hours necessitating much stress and mental pain. Why do I get up in the mornings?

5. Yay Bill for free posters!

6. Yay Sikov for early dismissal!

7. Why do I always have tours when I least want them?

8. Why are some people so annoying? Where did common courtesy go?

9. Why do I have no free time at all?

10. I really have no free time. I am going to bed so I can begin another wonderful fun-filled day. Welcome back to me.


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