OK kiddies, time for the weekly Infinity update!

It was pretty fun this week. I got paid (the right amount this time! Shweet), and got lots of lovin from my crew after being away for so long. Highlights of the day:

1. The news clip with the streaker totally shocking the reporter: “Oh-My-God!”

2. Our conversation on height– me: “But isn’t it bizarre to go around looking down on people’s heads all the time? And you have to bend down to open drawers…” So then I’m looking for books and after a couple minutes I realize Keith is standing behind me staring at the top of my head!!! Aah. Even worse, at lunch time, all the guys lowered their chairs so they were ‘shorter’ at the table– yet they were still taller than I was! Gabe: “It feels safe down here.”

3. Gabey’s night spent with his keys. Just what kind of relationship that is, I don’t wanna know. Almost as bad was the sight of him slapping himself on the arm and shouting, “You wanna peice of this?!”

4. The “mangia” (sp?) delivery man who made such a grand entrance into the office, but turned out to have the wrong place. (All the guys were so mad that someone apparently ordered without them, haha).

5. Our bad boy conversation at lunch. As the sole female representative, I had to admit that the bad boy image held a certain appeal for girls. We tried to convince Ed to get some peircings and tattoos.

6. There was a sweet attempt made to protect me from the dirty conversations of the lunch table. “We were high… on life… on the second story of the house… it was a one story house…” “Don’t shout at me for what I just said, I was ‘quoting'” (after a particularly nasty comment made about a dead girl, from a movie). I was also given some instruction on supposedly ‘classic’ movies, incl.: Scarface, Porkies 1/2/3/4, American Virgin… the list goes on.

Well that’s mostly it for today. I’m so excited since I just learned Sunday we gain an extra hour. I’m gonna sleep soooo late! Other news: I am doing my thesis on Peter Pan and Le Petit Prince. HOW exciting I can barely contain myself.


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