Had a good day yesterday in spite of the rain. Spent most the day inside and safe from the rain at Infinity, but not safe from box top slinging, getting picked on, or book box avalanches!

Keith: [re. potential Temple intern] “I vote no. He’s not hot enough.”

Keith: “You don’t want me to get you books, you just want to be close to me.”

Ed: (Sarcastically, referring to overflowing trashcan we made him empty out) “You think it’s full enough?”
Me, adding another stack of papers to the pile: “No– here.”

Ed: “So when are you going to bring in your violin?”
Me: “Never.”

Keith: “Maybe he’s gay.” (Referring to Temple intern).
Ed: “He said he was married.”
Keith: “A lot of guys get married so as not to come out of the closet. . . What do you think I did?!”

Keith: “Do you know anything about Lynrd Skynrd?”
Me: “Well, I know of them.”
Keith: “What do you know?”
Me: “…I know they’re a band…”
Keith: “That’s it. Get out.”
Me: “Hey, I didn’t know one of the rules to be in the shipping room was you had to know Lynrd Skynrd!”
Keith: “It is now!”

Ed: “Felicia’s one of our interns from Haverford–”
Michelle: “No! She used to be an intern, but now she’s a real person.”

At dinner we successfully trapped a bee, but Michelle let it go. Softie! Then I headed over to Orchestra, where the hottest guy EVER was apparently helping out in percussion. I kept having sudden urges to look behind me… hmm. Definitely not a Haverford student. Then it was Survivor, where my favorite so far got voted off, boo, and laundry night with my buddies Boom and Lili.


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