So today was very interesting. Here’s a brief rundown of the events:

1. Went to work at Infinity as usual. It’s very comforting, I am now one of the gang/family. I take the role of the little sister. I’ve always wanted an older brother, and now I have (seven!).

2. Had to run back to Haverford for class presentations, they were ok but not as good as some others. No matter.

3. Austrailian dinner, unfortunately I had to grab a salad and run back to Lloyd to get ready to go. Still, I did have naan– mmmmm.

4. So I ended up driving into Philly (for the first time ever!). It went pretty well, actually. haha. Anyway, we finally made it to the Cave, a male strip club that we went to for Lili’s birthday. It was an experience. It was a bit uncomfortable, I’m not used to so many naked guys!!! jajajajajajajajajjajajaajajajaja. I didn’t tip, maybe next time. They were pretty intense about it. Some of us were afraid! jajajaja.

5. How to react? Not really sure. We were being very Haverfordian and analysing the whole situation. I felt embarrassed, which I’m not really sure why. I am not a typical take charge person, or very agressive, which it seemed like a lot of the girls who were there were.

6. After the show, the Cave turned into a club, so Jen, Ali, Lili K and I stayed for a while to dance. This was also a little weird, not being Haverford!!!! Surprisingly there were guys there, but I was kinda uncomfortable because I am not a very good dancer, and a lot of people there were very into it. I never went to any dances before I came to Haverford, so you could say I don’t have a lot of experience. Still had fun, but didn’t ever feel relaxed about it all. Oh well, no biggie!

7. Made it back to Haverford even though Philadelphia decided to create streets that weren’t there before I drove on them, raided the art exhibit for tea and coffee, and now it’s time for bed!

8. Damn that Shawn was hot. Good night.


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