Long night yesterday. First I watched The Two Towers with Christen and we managed to suck Lili and Camille in too with our slow mo renditions of the hottest moments ever in the film. Hey, the two sec door opening sequence is awesome!

Then I pretended to do some work, had dinner, and went home to see Simone in The Laramie Project. It was very odd going back, since I didn’t know anyone. Actually, I did run into Kyle F. Didn’t recognize him at first, since he looks so much older. Had a bizarre moment when he called me The Dish (haven’t been called that in nearly four years) and gave me one of his bear hugs. Other than him though, didn’t see anyone else that I knew. The play was really well performed and produced. I was very impressed with the whole production.

Skipped out early and went back to Haverford. Dressed up and went to Snowball, but it wasn’t that great. Came back, started to watch America’s Sweethearts, but copped out early since I was too tired.

Today got up early, moved the car, did my laundry, cleaned my room, made my schedule fo the day, went to breakfast, and now here I am. Rant of the day: why are people in such a bad mood all of a sudden?!?!?!!?!? What’s the difficulty with simply telling someone something, as opposed to freaking out over something that’s really not a big deal at all. This covers a whole bunch of people that have been super stressed or something, I guess, or maybe it’s just a weird vibe traveling around. Take a chill pill, everyone. You don’t see me flipping out, and I have more right than most everyone considering what I have to get done before Saturday. Ok that’s it.


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