Yay many good things happened today!

1. I managed to make it through on 4.5 hours of sleep courtesy last night’s Dunkin Donut run

2. I actually was able to get up this morning.

3. DELISH lunch at Glenmorgan Cafe completely free of charge, good food, good company, good conversations

4. Found someone who will take the extra ticket for LOTR (tho that shouldn’t have been necessary) but ANYWAY she is excited to go so it all worked out.

5. Didn’t have to drive my poor baby on empty, I promise I will buy him some gas soon!

6. Got almost everything done that was on my list to do… ok not everything, but I have time still.

7. Pizza!

8. The mouse is gone!!!!!!!!!!! I had to pick up the trap and open it outside, and some girl yelled at us out the window, and Rich wouldn’t be a man and just do it, so I did it all by my lonesome. It was intense. Oh I’ll miss the little guy now. Hope we didn’t hurt him too much when we were banging the trap all around.

9. I am going to sleep now. Ahh that sounds good. Sleeeeeeppppppppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp

Oh I almost forgot to add, after Michelle’s posting I had an urge to look up Zachary Law, (aka Zak), the first boy I ever had a crush on starting when I was 4 and we were best friends and played house and machine man vs. wild horse (i was the horse) until I was 7 and left school and had to go to an all girls school and we tried to make it work but there were too many girls at the next birthday party, and when the package game told one of the girls to kiss a boy, he and my brother ran away and I never saw him again after that. So if anyone knows Zak or has seen him, please tell him that he can come back now. jaja ok bed for real yo


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