SO sad with only Christine left.

This morning I thanked my lucky stars I finished yesterday night, then I spent the morning running around dropping off papers. Made it down to the Arboretum and left with a homemade apple pie! Yum. Christen and I spent the afternoon cleaning with a vengeance. . . almost had a heart attack when Huma came back for two minutes. The suite is super clean tho, and very big-looking. My room was officially declared a disaster area, some jerk set off a bomb while I was doing the dishes and I had a lot of problems just getting inside. HELlo!

In the course of cleaning, I found more pictures for our hot wall. This is very good. Christen and I went to Peace of Pizza and saw Love Actually. This also very good. We saw another mouse in the suite. This is very bad.

That’s it, over and out. Be back next year.


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