I am not a very good poster. Blame it on Peter Pan.

Anyway, yesterday we went to the HC/Swat bb game, but sadly we lost. It was fun cheering though. I haven’t cheered like that since high school volleyball.

Afterwards, Camille Lili and I went to Brownies where we met the HOTTEST guy ever!!! And two Cabrini kids who were very nice. Got back to the suite around 2, and had the craziest IM conversation with Mike, I think his name was. Lili doesn’t hold her liquor very well. But she’s hilarious. Best moment of the night was when Lili goes, “…and I play badminton.” Pause. “That’s awesome.” Jajajajaja badminton is not a loser sport!!! Another good quote: “my a’s aren’t working!”

Maybe we will find the hot guy tomorrow night. One can always hope.

Held Huma’s baby birdies today– so cute!


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