Happy birthday to me!

Very busy day, now is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit down and relax. Went to work at the Arb in the morning, where Martha and Bill were so cute and got me jelly belly’s for a present! Best bosses ever! Had to run to class at Bryn Mawr where we had a really stylish Prof. candidate, who sounded JUST like Theresa Tensuan. .  .bizarre. After lunch, handed in my application, (keeping my fingers crossed), and headed off to Infinity.

I know that I said I wanted to quit there, but I really enjoy hanging out down there so much…I have a lot of fun, and they’re like some extra big brothers and sisters I never had. Was completely blown away by the awesome reccomendation letter that Caryn, Michelle, and Mark (aka Michelle again) wrote for me. Really really nice. I met the two other newbies there, Nick and Maria. Both nice. Had a nice conversation with both, maybe I am getting more outgoing and talkative as I get older . I also succeeded in making Gabie smile. Go me!

Then I came back to Ford and my personal hottie hangin on my door, what more could a girl ask for? Ended up having to go to Villanova to pick up John’s friend Bloor, also a very nice person that I have never met before, and we went over to Khajuraho. The Columbia crowd was late so they just ordered takeout and ran, so Mom and I had a nice quiet dinner. Best part: Sunni comes out wiht a birthday cake piece for me, and it is CARROT CAKE!!!! Save me please! Oh and I got a letter from Jeremy! That just makes my day!!!! So it was a pretty good end to a crazy day. Time to go crash…


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