So yesterday I went to see Dirty Dancing Havana Nights with Lili, Vanessa, Camille, and Christen: WEIRDEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!!! So before we even get into the theater, I get made fun of for being short by the ticket guy, and another one thought I was 16. Then, we get into the theater, but are all ordered out so some dancers can practice. We get back inside, and we are surrounded by teenyboppers everywhere. I feel like I am in an enemy camp of some sorts. They start to play the famous last dance scene on the screen, and THEY CUT IT SHORT before it gets to the good part, so some dancers can ‘recreate’ it for us. Then, horribly, the whole theater starts to get up and dance with the couple. I was horrified. It was a scene out of my worst nightmare. All I wanted to do was to watch the movie!!!

The movie itself wasn’t bad. Really made me want spring break to get here! There were definitely some lines that will eventually rival the best from the original. Particularly, the bit at the end in his garden. But the dancing was great (unlike the show at the theater) and her dresses were awesome. OK, that’s it for me. Signing off.


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