Weirdest dream ever, that occurred in my 20 min of sleeping past the alarm this morning:

Living in a community where the food was running out so a group of people had to take buses to go search for food and other people. Along the way we saw big red peppers and tomatoes that had arms and legs, and were apparently quite civilised creatures, but we just wanted to eat the pepper people. So they holed up in the only house for miles, and started shooting at us. Luckily someone on the bus had a machine gun, so we were able to shoot back. We headed back to our community. When we got back into town, it was a relief to see that everything was normal looking. Then, going into my house, a friend gave this woman her baby to hold, and I realized that she (the woman) was infected with some kind of rabid disease and was going to eat the baby!!! So I snatched it from her. No one else was as enlightened as I was, so I had to go on the run with the baby to save its life. Luckily due to my secret powers I was able to disappear in a cloud and escape my followers. I ran into a mall, (the baby was gone somehwere by now) and bumped into Christen. We were running from someone, so we ran into the mall bathroom, which was staffed by people right on the boat over from Bengal. We were hiding in a stall, and then we came out bc the coast was clear. Apparently the Bengali girls all grew long mustaches, but they were pllucking them to fit in in America. We left. Bumped into Deepa, Pankhuri, and Huma. This guy was sermonizing so we listened to him, until we realized that his sister was the girl that was after us! But she didn’t see us, so we decided to go on the run again, and luckily Pankhuri was distracted by a free towel she received at a nearby store, so the rest of us (except Deepa) could sneak away.


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