In the space of two months I have been hired by eight families and fired by three… this babysitting shit is a lot more complicated than I thought originally. I’m definitely not cut out for this shit.

So the latest news is that the people who took me to Portugal and treated me like dirt the whole time decided they could handle their own children better than I could. Probably not true, sadly enough, but I am so glad not to be going back to them to work. I don’t deserve to be yelled at and criticized for doing a job with 150% effort. Especially after the horrendous trip home, I have truly seen that they can’t handle their children at all so I sincerely hope they survive two days out of the week (my goodness! two whole days!) with their own kids (after they told me off for leaving them their children for 30 min.). Some people.

It’s just frustrating because there is nothing that I could have or would have changed. . . I honestly don’t understand why some people act and react and view situations the way they do. I am not a mind reader, and I am only human.

Sigh. Oh well, here’s hoping August brings better luck than July did.


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