What a difference a few days makes….

SO BUSY RIGHT NOW!!! I am sitting for at least 3 families, and it’s running me ragged. No problem though, the money makes it bearable. And the kids are uniformly light years better than the O’Brien kids. Incredibly so. I almost feel bad taking payment from these families. Almost.

Been talking to my girls Michelle, Huma, Lili and Zsanett. . . miss them all (and Crit too, tho she’s not much of a phone person). Can’t wait to get the rest of my pictures. And my parents are coming to see me this weekend, so I am excited about that too. Oh just to prove it’s a small world, I am sitting for one family where the mom is a comp lit major and has hired compies in the past for babysitting, and the other family I sit for the kids are grandchildren of Comp. Litter Prof. Peter Brooks. (a pretty big name in the field). Plus I told this one lady I couldn’t sit for her since I was already committed, and lo and behold the next night I met her since she was neighbors with the family I am already working for! Def. a very small world. Ok off to bed for me, another long day tomorrow.


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