Michelle’s place last weekend. I really liked her apartment. It was like a treehouse on the top of a hunormous house. We went into Pennland (can you believe I’ve lived here all my life but I’ve never til now gone there) to see her sister, Antonio, and Rooster! Good times. Then we waited hours just to hear one song by Penn Masala but it was all worth it. Antonio, Steve, Michelle and I had late-night pizza at her place– almost like a college night.

So I’ve been back on the job warpath. Hopefully something will come up soon. If not, I’ve devised a fifty year plan that will take care of any insecurities. It’s v. complicated, natch. jajajaja. But who knows, I might end up a lawyer yet.

Went to MV Tuesday. Flew, drove, flew, drove, got there, took the ferry home wed, and drove all day to get back wed. evening. All that effort but it’s worth it to have transportation once more!

DC this weekend for Emme’s first bday party. She got a new haircut and was soooo cute. Such a happy baby. Ryan is not as dynamic personality-wise as some of the kids I’ve sat for this summer, but he is still my nephew and definitely a cutie. Can’t go wrong with that Indian-White mix, now can you? (No!) I got sucked into helping out Nikita, so spent the party alternating napkins, dealing with food and drink, and eating. The usual. It was a long drive back home at 10 pm tho. I think the dogs were afraid we’d gone forever. And then I couldn’t sleep, and had mad crazy dreams when I did. Funny how some people will constantly pop up in your subconscious.

Have a good (cold) Sunday to whoever reads this!


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