Ah yes the Haurvurdd connection… I’m sorry, the HAVERFORD connection………

Interviewing. Had an interesting time today, and I have another for tomorrow, but I don’t really feel like it. I did feel very professional all dressed up in my little outfit, though. And I got accosted by a crazy ol man. Always the old guys, never the young.

Crazy man: “do ya speak gogoll?”

Me: <dear lord> “huh?”

Crazy: “Yellow? Fillipina?”

Me: <keeping it simple and hoping he doesn’t grab me> “Indian”

Crazy: “Indian! I got no problems with the Hindians. Ya see, I know Omar, see, from South Hindia, and Gosh and Suritha from Sree Lanka, and I gots no problems with them Hindi-speaking folks….” <mutters and moves on>

Me: “Ah.”

Aaaaaaaaaand goodnight! I have a big day tomorrow!


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