SO…….. My upgraded phone was upgraded again! With a super duper loud ringer too. Awesome. I think the sales rep felt sorry for me (the whole poor me I am disabled deal)

Saw Courtney today, we went for a walk together. Cold! But fun. It was great to have a venting buddy who knows exactly how I feel.

Feeling a bit better about the job thing. I have a four prong plan of attack:

1) Get on Shawn’s case to get me a job. (ie. start shaking down the relatives!)

2) Start investigating this admissions thing. (along with mass mailings of resumes)

3) Find a current PT job/babysitting to get me some money!

4) Decide definitely on my plans for next year and start studying for whichever test I will need to take.

And finally, attempting to create a social life for myself. So far, so good. Oh I also joined the gym today. I’m really excited about that. I think it will be very good for me.

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