Back at Haverford today… it was weird. Had a long powwow with Liza, she is the best! Now I ned to force myself to ‘stop the inertia’ and get off my bum and go out and do stuff. I have such issues with narrowing down what I want to do. I want to do everything! So she gave me some ‘homework’ to work on, I think I will end up doing a bit of her suggestions and a bit of my own. I’ll stop being dumb about where I send out my info to, and start focusing on what I do want, but I won’t completely restrict myself to my two top priorities (environment and publications) yet. And I think if I can get on Shawn’s case enough he can find me a job. And I will not rule out gap year stuff. Ah here I go again! Anyway, I have new purpose.

It is cold and rainy today, and it makes me want to do nothing more than start up the fireplace, cuddle up with a book, and EAT! I have to watch myself. So that’s why I’m going to be dragging my bum off to the gym.

Oh best of all I got a letter from Zsanett today!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is the bestest. She sent me a 7 page letter with a bunch of photos from Portugal. SO fun. I don’t know why but getting letters just makes me smile. Especially when the only people I get letters from (Zsanett, Jeremy) are two of my most favorite people and will ALWAYS put a grin on my face! Damn long distance, though.

OK I’m off, tomorrow and Sat are busy bee days for me so I’d better take advantage of my free time while I have it. Later gator!


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