OK so I have been up to a bit since I last posted.

Jobs: eh…. mostly researching and talking to people, though I do have three apps in the hole as we speak. And I did manage to make some good contacts this past weekend at the Communications Panel. But it’s the same old same old, I am bad at making decisions. I talked to an alum last night for an hour and pretty much the only thing I came away from it was I have too many options and I should just pick one… OR maybe the too many options is a blessing in disguise. IT ALL DEPENDS. And that doesn’t help me at all.

I am thinking about going on a trip like on NOLS or Outward Bound, or something like that. SO I am supposedly going to be getting a bunch of catalogues in the mail soon. One: Yay mail! Two: Yay more options! haha. Anyway it looks really interesting, possibly life-changing, but it really scares me. I don’t think I would be able to keep up at all. Plus I don’t get how you do it!? First of all, where do you go to the bathroom!?!?!??! hahahahaha that is probably my biggest worry. But also, if I went on these trips I would have to leave behind my hearing aid, bc it would prob. end up getting soaked in the rain/waterfall/river what have you, and that would really suck. As in expensive suck. But then if I left it, the whole trip would be twice as hard due to hearing difficulties. Arg. So basically I am a wimp. But I still want to do it. Maybe.

So I am getting back into the violin. I have yet to pick it up and play it. But I’m going to. I joined the CHC orch. and I guess I’ll start with them on Sun. We’ll see. I am thinking about seeing if I can apprentice with a violin maker. Wouldn’t that be awesome?! I have to check into that.

Might babysit for another family. This one would be a bit more permanent, picking up the kid every afternoon from school and hanging out with him til dinner. I met with the mom and dad yesterday, it’s a divorced family so it would be two households which could be a bit confusing. The kid– Rocky, how funny is that!– is sooo smart for his age (4.5)! He’s a cutie. So we’ll see if I get this job or not. Not like it’s a ‘real’ job but at this point it’s all I can manage.

Was back at Haverford last weekend, it was so nice to be there and not have homework to worry about! It’s a bit bizarre. Oh well. Still was a lot of fun to hang out with everyone.

It’s been a weird week, I feel like a slacker sometimes but I think next week I’ll be much more busy. I now have a super duper new schedule which will hopefully keep me on the straight and narrow. And that is all.


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