Fun night in New York.

Went up to visit the brother and take out his crew for a post-bday dinner. His room is a typical boy’s room– messy messy but he has a kitchen which is nice, and he claims they actually cook there (well Bill does, not John!)

We went to Smith and Wollensky, yum yum! Steak all round and it was gooood! Those kids are so crazy. It was a real riot. I especially enjoyed Bill’s exaggerated looks of shock and disbelief at anything true/false about him– priceless. Also, his recounting of John’s gradual waking up process– it takes him a good ten min to wake up, and he says funny stuff while he’s still asleep. When he falls asleep watching movies, he wakes up and runs out of the room, and then comes back in all “what just happened here?” LOL goes to show you that some things never change. It was a fun night.

We almost got caught in a three hour jam on the NJT, but luckily we got some good advice from gas attendants, and we were able to bypass all the mess. Once again got taken for Italian/Spanish. Wrong continent, buddy.

I have an encouraging voice mail that might signal a job in the future. Keep your fingers crossed and I’ll update soon. If that doesn’t work out, the brother has connections.


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