Nearly everything I own is getting packed up. It’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Oh well once I get to RI I can do some major shopping. I will have to see how this Providence Place mall compares to my KOP, or even my beloved Willow Grove Park. (Plymouth meeting– you are a baby mall.)

Has anyone else ever found a roomie through Craig’s List? It is nervewracking! I hope I’m not talking to some crazy people out there. There’s no way to tell! I will be having tons of coffee next week when I finally meet up with some of these people. Oh– speaking of Craig’s List– ever read the personals? They are scary, man. Even the housing ads aren’t safe– one guy posted an ad basically offering free rent for any girl who would keep him, ah, company…. Please! My question is, is he actually expecting any responses back?!

Started Christmas shopping today. Think it’s too late to be starting? Oh well. I still have a ways to go. Hoping to get my first paycheck soon, most of my summer stash is tied up at the bank.

Super super super excited for this week! Tomorrow I’m hanging with Michelle, Thurs I’m seeing Alissa, Friday and Saturday Huma and K are coming up, and maybe Rusty will come hang too. Sunday I’m leaving It’s sad, but I hope things will work out. It’s funny, Tirzah is becoming my new best friend. Good to have those Haverford connections.

PS Anyone want to teach me poker before I go?


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