Fun night last night. Did some packing, then went into Philly and caught up with Michelle. Had dinner with her and Antonio at a Mexican place. Pretty fun, though some comments definitely need not be repeated! There were two or three cute kid sightings, so that was all good.

So apparently UPenn gets these awesome ‘sneak peeks’ at movies that haven’t even come out yet, for FREE! So thanks to her sister we got to see National Treasure– so good!!!! Really cheesey but a whole lot of laughs. Plus there was some mad Philly action going on– how could you not like it!? Seriously, it was awesome. So many great lines too, my personal favorite: “We need more heat!” LOL

So after the movie we’re walking to her place, and I get the longest voice mail ever from Rustman. No joke, it must have been at least 5 min long. Haha. Crazy boy.

Slept over at Michelle’s place, then met up with Rusty this morning for bfast. Caught up with him, got the train home and walked– nice day out. I’m looking forward to seeing K and Huma tomorrow, maybe Lili? But I don’t really understand how it is going to work out. Blah. My days are ticking away. Boo hoo.

Alright off to shower, pack some more, and then I’m seeing Alissa, haven’t seen that girl in FOREVER!!!! So that should be lots of coolness Ah SS/CHA. Later gator.


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