Back home for Tday.

It’s been a rough couple days. I got to RI and there was no bed in my room!!!! EEk! So for the past week I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress I had to go out and buy, and my room has been taken over by contractors drilling and moving my stuff all over. My boss is nice, but it’s an odd situation. I met someone I’d like to room with, but now we have to find an apt. Arg.

Work has been going pretty well, I guess. It’s a long commute, I can’t wait til they move to RI from MA. It’s much colder in RI than in PA. I haven’t had much free time at all so apt. hunting has not been happening. (Though it needs to start NOW!) I like the people at my work a lot, but it’s a lot of sitting and staring at the computer screen all day long. That or calling people. Apparently I have “a great phone voice.” Haha. Plus this is all about science stuff so thus far I’ve learned about bolt tightening technology, semiconductors, soundproofing materials, etc. etc. Not really related to literature at all! But it’s only been 3 days so far so yeah I still have a long way to go.

I miss everyone a lot, I really wish I had a place of my own to live in. It’s so awkward not to have your own place. I don’t feel comfortable in the kitchen, and it’s like having a second pair of parents who are stricter than your real parents! Plus no phone, internet, or tv!!!! AAAAh!! And the house is under constant work, so there are paint fumes and dust everywhere. Sigh. I really really want to find a place to live.

On the plus side, I am gaining a new appreciation for the area. It’s pretty nice. I think in the summertime it will be gorgeous. Close to the ocean, v. close to beaches, great shopping….

SO my first night (Sunday) I was going out with Tirzah and Joe to see The Incredibles. My boss Phyl and Liz ended up coming too. So we all headed over to the Providence Place Mall (so nice! I’m not going to miss KOP at all!) and saw the movie. Then we went shoe shopping afterward. If you talked to me about my work you’ll understand that this was a bit strange, but oddly enough I am getting used to the whole situation pretty quick.

Almost overslept my flight back to Philly Thursday morning. That would not have been good. But I’m here. Going back on Sunday morning.


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