I have been feeling so frustrated lately. Mostly due to the fact that in the past 8 months I’ve moved around a total of 5 times. I feel like my mind is going. I can’t remember where I’ve left things, where I put them, if I threw something out, if I have something at home (Philly) or home (Providence)……… arg! It’s not so much the losing the things that is bugging me, but the fact that I can’t seem to rely on my mind/memory anymore. I wish I could replay and rewind sections of my life, and pinpoint the places where I left or stashed or did something with the things I’ve lost. . . . . Hopefully this will all settle down soon.

Yesterday had dinner at Aunt Saroj and Uncle Harish’s. Nikki et al came down unexpectedly, so we had them too. It was a full house. Man their house is soooooo big. 5000+ sq. ft! Crazy. It wasn’t that bad, though. Good thing the wine was flowing. Up til 2:30 am last night, it’ll be hard getting up early again.


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