Back in RI after a week off, spent mostly sleeping. We are now in the new office building so I can wake up an hour later, and get home before 5.30 most days too, which is wonderful. Working out this living thing, it’s interesting. I have the house to myself til Thursday, yay!

I’ve been experimenting in cooking. So far so good. Tomorrow I’m going to attempt something big. The family came up for Friday and Sat, Simone was visiting RISD. Hardly visited at all though! Boo.

So work is kind of weird now that we’re all in the same place. I am in the basement, and I’m the only one in my room for now. So my office is turning into the break room for everyone since we’re not supposed to eat lunch at our desks. And that’s nice, I guess, since i get to be ms. popular then. But it can get a little lonely sometimes. Oh well I’m not really complaining, I’d rather have quiet than noise. Oh and we’re not allowed to wear shoes inside, so i bought everyone (by I I mean the co.) tai chi martial arts shoes. They’re pretty ‘wicked’ cool. As these New Englanders say.

Sometimes I feel like I’m so friendly with so many people, and sometimes i feel so very lonely. Does this make any sense at all?


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