I feel sick. Awful sick. To sick to do arith-metic! There’s a cold in my head. I belong in my bed. What I need is a dose of Saint Joseph’s Aspirin!!!!

If you know where that’s from big props to you. Yeah SS.

Anyway I really am sick. But the three bright spots in my life are: My computer is finally online. I missed it so. Two, Extreme Home Makeover tonight, my favorite show all week. Three, I’ll be home for my bday and SUPER BOWL next weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!! So until then I’ll just have to put up with the watery eyes, sneezing, stuffiness, sleep deprivation, and general feeling crappy.

Spoke to my host mother from France today. Man my French is atrocious. It was nice to talk with her, though. (Note to self: start planning vacation to France…….)

A lot’s happened since I last posted. I’m getting a “promotion” at work, so soon I’ll be a Principal Investigator instead of the resident baseball player. Man I’m so sciency it’s gd-fing ridiculous! The bio twilight zone is real, and I’ve become a victim. Anyone care to chat about WDS, EDS, x-ray spectrometers, or microcalorimeters? I’ve got the latest. Argh. Literature I promise I still love you.


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