What I’m currently listening to: Show Me the Meaning of Being Desi, Penn Masala…….. HILARIOUS!!!! This is my life right here, folks. So yesterday I get an email from Matt: As Team Leader of Assessments, he was ordering us all to go to Happy Hour after work. So in addition to the office lunch, I went out with the boys. Good times. These guys are some of the nicest I’ve ever met. So I put up with all their girl stories. It is odd though, because I’m used to being in a group of girls with one or two guys when I go out. Now, I’m in a group of five or six boys, with one or two other girls. Interesting times….. Runner up to the best story of the night: Tirzah’s personal day off for the death of her hamster. Best story of the night: Phyl’s conversation with the Textron security guard. It went something like this. Security guard (looking from Phyl’s ID, which says “Phyllis”, to Phyl, who is dressed butch): “Um…. excuse me?” Phyl: “I’m a woman who just completed a sex-change operation to become a man.” Holy frickin cow. I nearly died laughing!!!!!! Thank god I wasn’t there when she said that. I wouldn’t have been able to contain myself, for sure. Well, that’s one way to deal with it, I suppose. I think I might go to NJ next weekend. Anyone up for a road trip?


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