Fun weekend with Huma. Drove down Friday night after work, spent an hour plus just getting through NY, but finally made it. We rented Cellular, a really really bad movie. It had its moments, but……. no.

Sat. we took the train into NY. The trip took us 2 hours instead of 30 min. thanks to Amtrak breaking down in front of us. So that was fun. Ended up waiting for evening show tix instead of matinee, but that was fine except for the fact that it was so COLD!! We bonded in line with three other people, two girls from BYU law school and a guy from DC by way of UT. (Coincidentally). We seriously were huddling in a circle for body heat with these people we didn’t even know, it was frigid! Ended up that there weren’t any great shows on sale, but we got tix to Good Vibrations. We went to see The Gates, very orange, very peaceful. Then we were so cold we spent an hour or two stretching out hot chocolate, and finally we ended up killing a couple hours in a hotel lobby. The musical was actually pretty good, for something we had no idea what it would be. Cheesy, but fun.

Sunday we hit up Edison with Huma’s parrot Rani. Had lunch at her aunt’s house with her little cousins, Saba, and Saba’s friend. Sooooo good. Then we went shopping at a million different malls, had some intense showdowns over parking spaces with FOB out of towners, and ended up back at her parent’s house. And we ate more. So good, but it knocked me out. It started to snow, so we headed back to Piscataway, and watched Resident Evil II. And fell asleep. And that was my weekend in a nutshell. Now it’s laundry time.


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