This email made me cry. With laughter. Danielle’s response to Matt’s stalker impersonation:

“Why, as a matter of fact, I AM the girl from Midnight Run. Back in the days when I was a Hollywood starlet, working with De Niro, my heart was elsewhere. I longed to do hundreds of articles on the derelicts of New Bedford for paltry pay, with the ultimate goal of working for a small consulting company that boasted a cast of characters rivaling the best Broadway play.

See, Matthew, dreams really do come true. But unfortunately, that dark part of my life – before the sunshine that is Foresight – has come back to haunt me in the form of my incessant fans who just cannot deal with the fact that I have chosen a more fulfilling path. Between the crazed loons who just can’t let me go, and the Christian Debt Helpers, who have also seemed to find my whereabouts (several times a day), it has been a difficult, but correct decision, I think, to go ahead and change my email – and close the door on my past FOREVER!!!!”

I haven’t been sleeping very well lately. Work keeps intruding into my dreams. It’s taking over my life! Scary but true.


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