Arg what a week. Let’s see. Poker night Thurs. ended up being Girl’s Night with Tirzah. We ordered pizza, watched the OC, (I know crazy right?) and chatted. Pretty fun. Hardly worked at all Friday since we were having major computer issues. Went out for happy hour with the workies Friday evening. Ended up at Trinity Brew Pub, where I’d gone with Phyl Liz and David when I was still living at work. Much nicer this time Good times. Except Paul, Vinay, Kyle and I all left and we FORGOT to pay! hahahahahahahaha oops. I owe Matt. haha.

Had the rent talk with the landlords over the weekend. Painful. At least I negotiated the bills down a bit, but I just don’t want to live here anymore. It’s not worth it at this point. The final rent is just as high as anywhere else, I hardly have privacy or alone time, and I’m tired of being on my toes about stupid stuff like leaving the dishes in the sink. So yeah, if anyone knows someone who’s looking for a roommate or someone to rent in Providence, let me know. Come May I’m outta here!

Sunday took my car to get the oil changed, it ended up costing me $300 and 3 hours of my time. Not fun. I hope it appreciates the time and money I lavish on it. I spent the rest of the weekend sleeping and reading. There was a huge pre-St. Paddy’s party in Newport, but I skipped out. Yeah I’m boring.

Today the big news was: more computer issues! At least I had email access and internet this time. Vinay is my computer hero. Otherwise, both my projects are going nowhere. This week is also going to suck. What else is new? I might get to call France for Tirzah’s project. That would be………… interesting? Haha. Yeah we’ll see. I already have an appt. to visit an apt. on Wednesday, so maybe finding a place to live won’t be that painful of an experience this time round. Keep those fingers crossed. I’m hoping I don’t get sick, since there appears to be somehting making the rounds at work. Garlic and oj, oj and garlic. Best line of the day: Phyl runs down the stairs, bellowing “If you can’t get on the network, make calls, get on the internet…..” (trails off downstairs). “But I can’t get on the web” John answers very woefully. LOL that was awesome. Ah the funness of work. haha.

So yeah, another Monday gone by. I think I’m coming down to Philly on Easter weekend for a change of scenery. Anybody want to get together? Let me know.


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